QNS is an IT Services company that started in 2003 in London, UK. We were formed with the aim of bringing a personal level of service to the provisioning of IT solutions, implementation, support and maintenance for the business community. This is the reason our strap-line is;
“Business Technology........Personally Delivered”

The company has grown to supporting over 70 businesses with Monthly maintenance and support contracts, and over 140 on an ad-hoc basis. We also support 9 multi-storey buildings with multiple occupants across the south east of England. Our systems are steady, accessible and our Engineers are quick to respond. Planned to grow with your business, we handle various locations with no difficulty. And, if you are troubled about the impact of execution on your business – there is no need to be. We implement our systems quickly and skillfully, with a minimum of disruption to your workplace. QNS Ghana (legally known as Qualinet Ltd) was registered in May 2007 and in June 2008 we opened an operational branch of our company in Accra. We are involved in consultancy and ongoing projects with over 50 businesses in Ghana.

Our Ghanaian engineers have been trained in our unique way of providing support by senior engineers in the UK. QNS Ghana is run by efficient and dedicated professionals backed up by our superb team in London, thus giving any client a global dimension and access to expertise. QNS’ Executive directors have over 30 years combined experience in IT engineering. The company has grown without the need for expensive marketing campaigns, but through referrals from customers and partners. This we believe displays the positives in the level of service we deliver and the culture we have fostered within our staff. This is not down to just the directors’, the TEAM at QNS show the same level of dedication and have the same philosophies, making us enjoy helping our clients rather than simply executing the tasks of design implementation and support.

  • To be recognized as an IT organization that never fails to deliver quality service, solutions, support and maintenance to our entire client base in a timely fashion.
  • To be synonymous with being innovative at providing IT solutions for a variety of businesses internationally.

To improve the profitability of our clients’ business by providing them with quality IT solutions, support and maintenance.

Here at QNS we believe in

  • Integrity
  • Punctuality
  • Constant Improvement
  • Personal Relationships

Business Technology ... Personally Delivered

  • QNS’ strategy is to ensure that our customers or clients are working even more effectively and we are contributing to the overall profitability of the organization, making them better than they were when we started working with them
  • QNS is a solution based IT Consultancy, we try as much as possible to really understand the needs of our clients and provide them with workable solutions
  • We are able to remotely work on our clients’ systems wherever they are in the world from wherever we may be
  • To seek continuous and never ending improvements and innovation in our services for the Ghanaian communities we serve
  • QNS believes in the philosophy that the Customer is king and with this in mind, all our staff and associates focus on delivering a service that ultimately the customer sees as beneficial to their operations.